Sam Zeloof

Really incredible guy who manufactures chips on his own.

“Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want” - 39:20 of his talk

Notes from Talk

His talk in 2018:

  • If you go top-down, you understand how things are done
  • But if you go bottom-up, you understand why things are done

Wow his explanation of the PN junction was SO SIMPLE yet it just clicked. See PN Junction

Planar transistor means you can fabricate it all on the same plane.

  • It takes the same amount of time manufacturing 1 transistor and 1 million transistors

He sort of invented DIY Maskless photolithography. What people do in industry is that they make those super expensive masks. His technology is just using a projector that uses a UV light instead of a regular light.

This is the 2 ways to do doping


Met him through Henry. Went to uni at Carnegie Mellon with Vignesh.

Him and Ben Eater are the main resources I am going to leverage to understand chip manufacturing.

You should first get a foundation about Semiconductor, and Transistor by watching Ben Eater’s videos, before you move on to this.

  • it’s going to be super gratifying when you watching him do all this and you actually understand the terms