Camera Calibration

Calibration Matrix

This matrix only represents the Camera Intrinsics.

Most Common Notation

Kajanan told me that the most common form is

  • is the shear factor
  • ​ and ​ represent the focal length of the camera in terms of pixels for the and axes
  • ​ and ​ are the coordinates of the Principal Point

Cyrill Notation

Through Cyrill Stachniss course, I see it through (see Camera Calibration)

so we end up with this calibration matrix

  • is the distance between the camera origin and the image plane
  • scale difference between and
  • Sheer compensation (for digital cameras, we typically have )

So we essentially have this additional scale difference through the Cyrill Stachniss notation, but the scale difference is generally , so we have

Notice cs instead of s

Here, is merely a skew factor multiplied by , the distance between the image plane and camera sensor. Cyrill makes no mention of focal length, I mean that is what is at the end of the day.