Life Philosophy

My Worldviews

(Written ~ Summer 2020)

I love working on challenging projects that makes life exciting to live, solving puzzles and unlocking mysteries. I love innovating and finding new ways to think about and build things. I live my life like a video game with a quest to unlock. For me, that quest is understanding humanity and the greater world that we live in.

I have a general interest for Engineering. Computer Science and Mechatronics are the two most fascinating topics for me. I enjoy seeing things I create in tangible form. When I have free time, I read books to cultivate my interest for Philosophy, Sociology, Linguistics, Psychology and Humanities. I get excited understanding human beings and building awesome technology can help us live in a better world.

My Worldviews

If there was an ultimate goal in life, I think it would be along the lines of answering why we are here, i.e. the pursuit of Truth. I think we can do that in two ways:

  1. Understanding more about ourselves as human beings
  2. Understanding more about the world around us

Everyday, I wake up with the goal to further my understanding of these two things. Through social sciences such as Sociology and Psychology, I learn about the way humans behave both individually and as a society (this is extremely important because humans are social species, and behaviours at the micro and macro scale can differ widely such as witnessed in mob mentality). Through pure sciences such as Physics and Mathematics and computer science, I can have a better grasp of how the world behaves around us. Together, they form my understanding of this world and help me frame the right question to ask and solve.

Finding meaning through technology, society and human beings

Furthermore, I think that there are 2 phases that humans are trying to get through. Human progress should be measured with these two scales:

  1. Eliminate unnecessary sufferings in the world (this includes problems such as poverty, diseases, injustices, etc.)
  2. Understanding why we are here. Solving the mysteries of the universe. This is why colonizing other planets is important, in order to expand human consciousness.

Point One: Emphasis on the word “unnecessary”. If you look at Maslow’s Pyramid, those would be safety needs and physiological needs.

Point Two: Even when everyone lives a happy and fulfilling life, there is still the ultimate question of the universe that we need to answer: Why are we here? These are the first-world questions and problems. Once everyone can stop worrying about when they will be able to eat their next meal (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) we can and should consolidate all of our resources to answer these questions. Colonizing Mars, becoming an interplanetary species with a greater mastery of the universe is one of the many steps we can take to expand global human consciousness. This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about technology. Its potential is limitless, it is our tool to shed light in darkness, for alone we are powerless, yet with tools such as spears and axes, we have been able to become the kings of planet Earth (with that comes enormous responsibility obviously. Sustainability is another extremely important issue).

Some more interesting thoughts: