Waterloo Aviation Aviation Robotics Group (WARG)

Pretty cool group building a drone for the UAV competition. Focused on firmware development.

Some concepts I learned in this design team:

ZeroPilot Architecture Feb 12th 2022: I realized that I really didn’t understand as much as I should about drones even though I already spent 5 months in this design team. I will be spending time researching and learning about drones. I made this realization with Neha, like I was assigned tasks but I still understood very minimally about what I was actually supposed to be doing.

Embedded Systems

Computer-based systems that do not appear to be computers - complexity is hidden from the user.


Learning more C and C++ __weak is used to allow easy overriding

Use of the HAL library https://www.microcontrollertips.com/a-beginners-guide-to-microcontrollers-faq/#:~:text=A%20register%20is%20just%20a,the%20registers%20in%20data%20RAM.



  • Implement DMA over SPI to this.

  • Reach out to aadi, since he did the tests with the scopes for Interchip