Linear Algebra

This is an overview of the concepts I have learned during my linear algebra courses.


  • Linear I at Marianopolis College notes here (Fall 2020)
  • Linear II at Marianopolis College notes here (Winter 2021)
  • Link to course notes (MATH115) here (Fall 2021, 1A SE)


Final Exam Gaps in Knowledge

Whenever you find the basis, at the end, you have to say that the nonzero vectors in the spanning set are linearly independent.

  • Main focus is lecture 20 onwards
  • Complex Nth Roots p.20
  • System-Rank Theorem, how many solutions (Lecture 21)
  • Applications of Linear Algebra (Lecture 23)
  • Fundamental Subspaces (Null, Row, Col) Lecture 27
    • Find the row space etc.
  • Make a video on this
  • #todo
    • Linear Models
    • Balancing Chemical Equations
    • Network Flow
    • Electrical Networks