Subfield of Machine Learning

Deep Learning

The simplest Neural Network is called a Perceptron.

Holy crap this is good:

The thing that I really hate about machine learning is that these models take so much compute and are not very lightweight. I will the code was more lightweight. it’s so annoying to have to train something, and fine-tune it. Sure, the results are nice, but, it’s like, my passion is probably not entirely writing code every time?

Two courses you must take from Krish:

Deep Learning is a paradigm shift, where instead of classical methods (where features are hand-engineered), you now have learning-based methods. Features are learned by themselves YES, found where the original idea came from, it was Computer Vision from this set of slides by Computer Vision from this set of slides by F1TENTH.

  • Classical Methods
  • DL methods

Classes of ANNs


Supervised Learning:

Unsupervised Learning: