CS 240: Data Structures and Data Management


Markus: https://markus.student.cs.uwaterloo.ca/markus_cs240_s/en/assignments


Module 1: Introduction and Asymptotic Analysis


Things to review

Key idea:

  • Use the indices as keys for skip list / BST

Query rectangle, be careful since it is first x,x then y,y

“The exam covers everything up to Module 9 slide 19, with a strong emphasis on post-midterm material (Module 5 - Module 9 slides 19). Be aware that we have not been following the course notes (textbook) exactly. Anything that was not covered in class will not be asked about on the exam. For any question where you do not know the exact formula or details of a pseudocode, you can state your assumptions with your solution.”


  • What is the minimum number of nodes in an AVL tree of height?