WATonomous is the University of Waterloo design team for Autonomous Vehicles. I joined the team in May 2022 under Perception.

I was about to leave the team but heard we got our hands on a new bolty seoul EV, so it’s time to do some good engineering work :))

Learn more at https://watonomous.ca/




Some of Interesting Challenges We Work On

  • At what stage to do Sensor Fusion? Early Fusion, late fusion, mid-level fusion or sequential fusion?
  • How do we gather enough data, since we are not a large company like Cruise or Tesla? In house Synthetic Data Generation >- Simulation was mainly used for planning and control. We were running rosbags for testing Perception. However, we are looking into Sim2Real and synthetic data generation
  • How to efficiently train multiple networks that share similar features? β†’ Multi-Task Learning
  • The Engineering challenge of Integration Hell using ROS


Important Software Development Concepts

ssh -NfL 8886:localhost:8886 s36gong@trpro-ubuntu1.watocluster.local

People I need to talk to:

  • Aryan Afrouzi (Interfacing)
  • Shiv Patel (Mechanical)
  • Saskia (Filmmkaing)